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Tata Kuznetsova

27/09 Twickenham - UNBREAKABLE UKRAINIANS Gallery
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Hi and Welcome to my Photography World

My name is Tata and I have been living photography for over 8 years (more than 5000 photo shoots done)


I am always sincerely glad to make new acquaintances, and I consider my regular customers, friendship and support of warm relations with the participants of the shooting for many years after the photo shoot to be the best assessment of my work.


My main task is to take timeless photographs that will be relevant now and many years later, show real people in these pictures, convey the atmosphere of a certain life stage and capture sincere and genuine emotions.

How is our cooperation going on?

[ my philosophy ]

Before every shoot, I ask myself the following question:
"How to take a picture of a person in such a way as to show him as real ?!"


I will try to be your friend, at least for the moment of shooting.


I am YOUR photographer, if among your values: sincerity, love, respect and trust.


I come up with all the actions in the moment, based on the wishes of clients (mood-board, reference). 


I try not to focus on the shooting itself. When a person does not know what to do, I use mini-tasks, thereby diverting attention from the camera.

I'll tell you what to do in the frame, but I won't say exactly how to do it ;)

Then it will be for real.


For example, in a family shoot, I ask participants to look at the clouds, remember how in childhood we saw "flying bears", "horses" in the sky, or compared clouds to cotton candy.

Of course, I will always adapt to the situation and the logic of what is happening, and the above technique will be inappropriate for business shooting. You and I will talk about your project, what is important in your work and goals for the coming years.

And if you just want to relax, I'll try to find a suitable playlist and we'll talk about music, books, movies...


We are all different and each has its own approach!